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    Preparing for grade school is an important part of child development. They should know what the difference is from good and bad. Our pre k curriculum is created to help them get ready for kindergarten and beyond.
    The preschool class is designed to prepare children for Kindergarten academically as well as socially and emotionally. At Monarch Academy for Young Children, the class size is kept small to provide individual attention as well as small group work.
    The learning center curriculum is developed to build the foundation for reading by having a print rich environment, working on phonemic awareness as well as literacy comprehension.
    The curriculum focuses on writing formation and using start and stop points. Art, movement and music are a part of the daily routine as well. Social skills of interacting with others, work habits and self help skills will continue to be developed.
    The ultimate goal of the preschool classroom is to help build confidence and increase child development to better prepare them for Kindergarten. For more information about our preschool, contact us at, Monarch Academy for Young Children, today.
    We are happy to serve the residents in Valencia, CA, and its surrounding cities with top-notch child care and education.
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In preschool, we will be introducing your child to the process of working with others within a structured classroom environment. The structure of the preschool classroom is a child-directed format that allows students choices during activity centers. The opportunity to make choices throughout the day helps children to feel engaged in the activity of their choice, that they have control over their learning, and that they are valued members of the classroom community. Beyond socialization, we also introduce them to important foundational aspects of natural sciences, language arts, math, and much more. We understand how significant early preschool can be for any young one. Our head start center will kickstart their lifelong learning.

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Our pre K curriculum is designed to incorporate and enhance your child's skills prior to elements in Kindergarten like pre-reading and writing. With hands-on practice in a variety of areas, like math, are also designed to build a well-rounded concept of numbers, letters, and relations between concept so that they have a better foundation for later learning. Our Valencia preschool prides itself on giving your child a strong basis for the rest of their lives.


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I will put it VERY simply. Monarch Academy has changed my daughter's life - for better and forever. As a father - nothing is more important than my children. Their "foundation" of life will strongly determine their outlook and success in life as a whole. I cannot stress the amount of compassion, thought, intelligence and care everyone at Monarch has given to both of my children. From their smaller class size, to their attention to detail - their all inclusive nature to their safety and secure facilities. No stone has been left unturned and no avenue left unexplored. If I could chisel my positive experience with them in stone I would. Yes - this is an unyielding and enthusiastic endorsement. My children are my soul - and Monarch Academy has helped them soar - hence the passionate review. I am honored to have Monarch Academy as the foundation of my children's future. You will be too.

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Monarch Academy is a wonderful school. The teachers at this school are loving and professional. All the teachers are well versed in child development and I often consulted with them on behavioral issues that my son was having. They always had a wealth of information to share that was very helpful to me. One of the things I appreciated most about the school was each teachers approach to handling kids that were acting up or being defiant. They handled issues in a loving and professional manner. I never saw a teacher yell or make a child feel ashamed. Every child is going to act up or have a bad day. I think it's important that they are in an environment that has adults that will comfort them during their difficult moments.

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LOVE this school! I have 2 kids there and they love their classrooms and teachers. The teachers are always available for questions and feedback, and you can tell they love the kids! My son has some sensory and motor planning issues and they are so great working with him. I love the owners, and the front desk staff is always friendly and helpful, and they say hello and goodbye to each child by name.

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